Target amount

¥100 million per year (or approx. $1 million or €1 million a year)

A total of ¥500 million (approx. $5 million or €5 million) by December 2025

These funds will be used for the development of a curative drug for ulcerative colitis. For a single experiment the costs of equipment can be ¥1,000, ¥10,000, ¥100,000, or ¥1 million, and in rare cases even tens of millions of yen. Whatever the cost, we will conduct every experiment with a feeling of deep appreciation for everyone who is supporting our work. Your donations will help us to conduct more experiments and to make more progress with our research. Around 10% of donation money will need to be used to cover management or “overhead” expenses (2% for university headquarters, 8% for affiliated hospitals). In addition, some donation money may be used for joint research on drug development with companies. We offer a more detailed explanation of how donations are used below.

Further elucidation of the pathological significance of anti-integrin αVβ6 autoantibodies and establishment of model animals

As an important foundation for the development of therapeutic agents with fewer side effects, we are investigating the function of anti-integrin αVβ6 autoantibodies
We are also establishing a model animal that produces anti-integrin αVβ6 autoantibodies and reproduces ulcerative colitis. This model will serve as an ideal way to examine the effects and side effects of candidate treatments.

Development of therapeutic agents (curative agents)

We are developing new therapeutic agents that target anti-integrin αVβ6 autoantibodies. We will also conduct applied research to deliver this therapeutic drug to patients.

Securing excellent researchers and research assistants

In addition to actively recruiting excellent researchers to lead the experiments, we want to hire excellent research support staff. The ability to secure sufficient, high-quality people to work on the project will speed up the development of a therapeutic drug.

Securing and maintaining intellectual property (patents)

We will secure patents to protect the fruits of our research work.

Research support system, improving the research environment, and information dissemination

Collected funds will also be carefully used as a financial resource for training research faculty and staff, for maintenance of equipment and facilities, for risk management, and for public relations.